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Privacy policy

1. Introduction

Within the sphere of its activity, BIOMA SA can be led to collect information and data of a personal nature relating to its customers.

Under Swiss and European data protection law (« FADP» and « GDPR »), every person has the right to safeguard his or her privacy and to protect his or her personal data from misuse.

BIOMA SA complies with these regulations and takes great care to process personal data in accordance with the relevant legal requirements. In this data protection declaration, BIOMA SA explains how it collects or processes personal data.

2. Definitions

Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable person. A person concerned is someone about whom personal data are processed. Processing includes any operation relating to personal data by any means and by any procedure, in particular the storage, disclosure by transmission, acquisition, collection, delation, recording, adaptation or modification, destruction and use of personal data.

3. Legal basis

BIOMA SA processes personal data in accordance with Swiss data protection law, in particular the Federal Act for Data Protection (FADP, SR 235.1) and the Ordinance on the Federal Act for Data Protection (DPO, SR 235.11).

As far as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is applicable, BIOMA SA processes personal data in accordance with at least one of the provisions laid down in Article 6 paragraph 1 letters a to f GDPR.

4. Nature, scope and purpose

BIOMA SA processes all personal data that are necessary to accomplish its mission in a secure, user-friendly, reliable and optimal way. These personal data can be classified as inventory, contact, contract and payment data.

BIOMA SA will process personal data for the period of time necessary to achieve the corresponding purpose, or for the period of time required by law. Personal data whose processing is no longer necessary are anonymised or deleted. In principle, persons whose data is processed by BIOMA SA have a right to deletion.

As a general rule, BIOMA SA processes personal data only with the consent of the person corcened, unless the processing is permitted for other legal reasons, for example for the execution of a contract with the person concerned and the corresponding pre-contractual measures, for the preservation of his or her greater legitimate interests, because the processing is necessary due to the circumstances, or after prior information.

In this context, BIOMA SA processes, in particular, information that the person concerned voluntarily provides when making contact, for example by post or e-mail, via the contact form, social networks or by telephone, or when participating in a promotion. BIOMA SA may, for example, store such data in an address book, a customer relationship management system or comparable tools. If you give BIOMA SA personal data about third parties, you are obliged to guarantee data protection with regard to these third parties and to ensure the accuracy of this personal data.

Personal data from applications are only processed if they are needed to assess the suitability for an employment offer or for the subsequent fulfilment of the employment contract. The personal data required for the application process are collected from the information requested or provided, for example, in the context of a job description. Applicants may voluntarily provide further information for their application.

5. Processing by third parties in Switzerland and abroad

BIOMA SA may outsource the processing of personal data to commissioned third parties, process them with third parties, with the help of third parties or pass them on to third parties. Third parties include, in particular, service providers whose services are used by BIOMA SA.

These third parties are normally located in Switzerland or in the European Union (EU).

Rights of the persons concerned

In accordance with Swiss data protection law, a person concerned whose personal data are processed by BIOMA SA has some rights. These rights include in particular a right of access as well as a right to rectify, delete or block processed personal data.

Concerned people whose personal data are processed by BIOMA SA may – within the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR – obtain free of charge confirmation that BIOMA SA is processing their personal data and, if this is the case, demand information about the processing of their personal data, request the restriction of the processing of their personal data, assert the exercise of their right to data portability, as well as demand the rectification, erasure (“right to erasure”), blocking or supplementation of their personal data.

A person concerned whose personal data are processes by BIOMA SA may – insofar as the GDPR applies – revoke at any time a consent given with effect for the future and object at any time to the processing of their personal data.

A person concerned whose personal data are processed by BIOMA SA are entitled to lodge an objection with the competent supervisory authority. In Switzerland, the supervisory authority for data protection is the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC).

7. Data security

BIOMA SA takes adequate and appropriate technical and organisational precautions to ensure data protection and, in particular, data security. However, despite the introduction of such measures, the processing of personal data on the Internet may still have security gaps. Therefore, BIOMA SA cannot guarantee absolute data security.

8. Presence on Facebook (Meta)

Further information on the nature, scope and purpose of the data processing, information on the rights of persons concerned and the contact details of Facebook as well as the General Data Protection Regulation can be found in the Facebook Privacy Policy (« Data Policy »).

9. Contact address

Responsibility for the processing of personal data :

BIOMA SA (CHE-102.091.439)
Via Luserte Sud 8
6572 Quartino (TI)

Contact via the contact form on the BIOMA SA website.

10. Final clauses

BIOMA SA may modify and complement this privacy policy at any time.

BIOMA SA will inform you of any changes and additions in an appropriate form, in particular by publishing the updated privacy policy on its website.

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