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About us

Protecting all natural environments and living organisms

Bioma is a Swiss company with more than 30 years of experience, founded by Elio Bortoli, dedicated to research, production and marketing of products that promote bioremediation (sustainable treatment approach minimizing environmental impact). Nature healed by nature. All our solutions are made in Switzerland.

Our vision

Bioma products aim to restore the biological processes of nature by studying the living world at a microscopic scale. In this way, we contribute to solving food, health and environmental problems through microbiology.

Our will

Our experience has shown us that preservation of the environment is completely compatible with economic sustainability, and even profitable. We are driven by our will to ensure the continuous improvement of our products and processes, as our priority is to fulfill the specific needs of our interlocutors.

Geolife® Technology

A process that uses naturally occurring microorganisms to treat polluted water, air and soils for regaining their original condition

What is bioremediation?

Bioremediation is a set of techniques aiming to increase biodegradation or biotransformation through the inoculation of specific microorganisms (bioaugmentation) or the stimulation of indigenous microbial communities (biostimulation) by supplying them nutrients and adjusting environmental conditions (redox potential, humidity). The end goal is to fight against all forms of pollution.

The effectiveness of our products is guaranteed by an exclusive and patented process named Geolife® Technology. This special technique for extraction and stabilization of organic compounds enables the activation of our products and makes them unique, easy to use and safe for humans, animals and the environment. Furthermore, our products optimize all biological processes, promote the growth of native microbiology and restore the optimal balance of biomass systems in which they are used.

For example, in agriculture Geolife® Technology optimizes the transformation of organic and inorganic matter and improves the quality and yield of crops (Ampelos®, Kipos®, Sporos®…). In livestock farming, it facilitates bioactivation of manure, reduces highly harmful ammonia emissions and improves productivity (Kopros®)…

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