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Vineyard bioactivating program

Ampelos®, our revolutionary biological activation program dedicated to vineyards, has been meticulously designed to restore the natural balance of soil microbial flora, aiming to optimize vine yields.

By promoting mycorrhizal root colonization, it stimulates root system expansion, thereby accelerating nutrient absorption by making insoluble elements in the soil available.

Moreover, the presence of beneficial bacteria and fungi promotes optimal plant development while enhancing natural defenses against certain diseases. Ampelos® contributes to improving flowering and increasing both the quality and quantity of produced grapes.

Investing in your vineyard’s health with Ampelos® ensures vigorous vine growth and offers exceptional sustainability prospects.

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Solubilizing nutrients

in the right form and in the ideal ratio for the vineyard

Expressing terroir at its best

Quickly catalyzing good microbial biomass

naturally present as a component of soil organic matter

Activating bio-protection functions

of plants and promoting good soil-plant interactions

Improving colloidal structure

and increasing the retention of plant bioavailable nutrients

Stimulating photosynthetic activity

Fostering root regeneration

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Ampelos® kit for 1 hectare consists of :

  • 1 Ampelos® Humificant, total weight 3.25 kg
  • 1 Gallygon® total weight 0.6 kg
  • 1 Ampelos® Booster Fertilizer 10 liters
  • 2 Fylo® Leaf Treatment 1 liter

Ampelos® Humificant: at the vineyard vegetative restart
Ampelos® Booster Fertilizer: 18-20 days after Ampelos® Humificant
Fylo® Leaf Treatment 1: regularly at pre-bloom stage
Fylo® Leaf Treatment 2: after stress (intense cold, hail, heatwave…)

Ampelos® Humificant :
Ascophyllum nodosum powder, wheat bran substrate containing enzymes (cellulase, amylase, protease, xylanase, B-glucanase, hemicellulase, lipase) and naturally occurring microorganisms (B. subtilis, P. fluorescens, Glomus Sp.), lipoprotein substrate, demineralized water, Spirulina.

Ampelos® Booster Fertilizer :
Demineralized water, Ascophyllum nodosum, Arthrospira maxima, Arthrospira platensis. Fertilizing values in dry matter: organic N 18,72%, organic P 0,64%, organic K 7,2%, organic C 28,31%.

Fylo® Leaf Treatment :
Demineralized water, Ascophyllum nodosum, Arthrospira maxima, Arthrospira platensis. Fertilizing values in dry matter: organic N 32,33%, organic P 1,28%, organic K 1,04%, organic C 41,66%.

Ampelos® products are suitable for use in organic farming in accordance with FiBL Suisse, European Regulation EC 848/2018, and NOP (National Organic Program) U. S. federal regulatory program.

Product registrations are subject to the specific legislation of each country.

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