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A biological catalyst for composting and accelerating the transformation of organic waste into high-quality compost

Synthetos® represents a meticulously chosen assembly of bacteria, fungi, and enzymes, all recognized for their remarkable ability to break down organic residues. The combination of these microorganisms within the product confers extended metabolic capabilities, thereby facilitating the rapid decomposition of green waste, notably cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin. By collaborating synergistically, the bacteria and fungi efficiently degrade complex organic compounds, transforming them into essential nutrients for the soil.

The Synthetos® program positions itself as a facilitator for the production of high-biological-value organic fertilizers, leveraging the concept of a circular economy by efficiently converting waste into nutrients. In addition to the rapid decomposition of organic matter, the metabolism of Synthetos® microorganisms enables the conversion of nitrogenous and sulfurous substances responsible for unpleasant odors, such as ammonia, methyl mercaptan, and hydrogen sulfide. A rapid increase in temperature within the compost eliminates most pathogens that could be present in biomasses, thus preventing soil contamination.

Rapid mineralization
Rapid humification
Lignin degradation
Abundance of nutrients
Odorless composting
Ammonia abatement

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Synthetos® kit consists of :

  • Synthetos® 1 (bag containing a lipoprotein activator)
  • Synthetos® 2 (bag containing a bacterial-enzymatic preparation)
  • Synthetos® 3 (bottle containing a liquid activator)

Synthetos® products can be applied at any time. However avoid application with temperatures below – 4° C.

Synthetos® : Dehydrated selected microorganism culture on a cereal and talc substrate.

Chemical products are classified according to their level of physical, health and environmental hazard. These hazards are indicated on labels and specific safety data sheets (SDS, or MSDS). With GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals) hazard statements have been standardized worldwide, so that recipients of the information (production workers, first-aiders and consumers) can better understand the hazards of a chemical they use or handle. In the EU, Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (the so-called “CLP Regulation”) implements the GHS general principles.

According to this Regulation, Synthetos® products do not need to be classified or labeled on account of their physicochemical properties, their effects on health and environment, and no safety data sheet is required for them. Synthetos® products are only composed of non-hazardous organisms which are naturally present in the environment (WHO Class 1).

Product registrations are subject to the specific legislation of each country.

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