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Bioma Home EN your home New! Discover our mini-kits for Buy now Specialist for Bioremediation The world today as we know it
has been created by microorganisms.
Let's use them to mantain it.
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For ammonia-free breeding a group of microorganisms naturally occurring in
soils with a specific formulation for any different
kind of animal farming
Discover Kopros® Kopros® product range
Bioactivation for field crops Sporos® program fits into any farming system, this way
balancing indigenous soil microbial communities.
Discover Sporos® Sporos® product range


Chemical Free

our products are guaranteed to be free of chemicals

GMO free

all our products are guaranteed GMO-free

Risk Free

using our products does not imply any risk for human and animal health


The goal of a durable and sustainable production

Our goal is to find the right balance between environmental sustainability and economic viability, that both are key factors of success. Our approach aims to develop products that can help reduce air, soils and water pollution, thus recreating a balanced ecosystem.

Protecting the environment

We aim to minimize environmental impact within each structure through our products and our 360-degree advice.

Increasing productivity

Our solutions optimize the production while guaranteeing its economic sustainability.


Explore our research areas

Zootechnics and animal welfare

Reduction in ammonia and other harmful emissions, improved living conditions for rearing stocks, increase in productivity. Recycling of organic waste (liquid and solid manure).



Improved transformations of organic and inorganic compounds, reduced fertilizer requirements, increased availability of nutritients, better quality and more quantity of crops.


Environment and bioremediation

Bioremediation of soil and water contaminated by hydrocarbons, optimization of processes in wastewater treatment plants, landfill odor control.


Agri-food sector

Beer brewing and improvement of microbial fermentations. Complete elimination of some chemical additives and improvement of microbial fermentations, leading to better  organoleptic quality and greater product stability.

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