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Bioaktivierung für Ihr Gemüsegarten bis zu 100 m²

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On soils:

  • Revive the nitrification process: proper transformation of ammonium into nitric nitrogen
  • Solubilize and mobilize nutrients into plant-usable organic forms
  • Express the soil’s potential potential
  • Rapidly catalyze the desired microbiology, naturally available in the soil
  • Activate the plant’s bio-protective functions and promote soil-plant exchanges
  • Revive the mineralization and humification processes: a suitable transformation of the organic matter
  • Improve the colloidal structure and increase the retention of bioavailable elements for plants

On the plant:

  • Revitalize conductive tissues after a stress
  • Strengthen the photosynthesis activity
  • Helps root regeneration
  • Strengthens the immune system


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The Kipos® range is compliant with the NFU 44-051 standard and compliant with the European regulation EC 834/2007 and the American Regulation NOP (National Organic Program).

Product registrations are subject to the country-specific legislation.

Verpackung und Aufbewahrung:

Closed packaging, can be stored for 2 years in a dry and dark room between 10°C and 43°C. Opened packaging, can be stored for 3 months at room temperature and in a dark place (if properly closed and protected from humidity).


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