Kopros® C : Poultry and rabbit organic substances in optimum balance

Despite application of the most sophisticated technologies, disinfection and improved manure management, harmful and malodorous gas emissions and risk of health problems persist. One of the reasons for this trouble is probably the high animal density in confined spaces (unnatural situation). This creates a lack of oxygen due to the high concentration of animal manure, this way disrupting the microbiota.

In turn, this results in dysfunctions of metabolic reactions that produce unwanted gases, such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans, etc. These gases are not only malodorous, but also dangerous both to human and animal health. They negatively impact the environment, but can also impair the whole farm productivity. Both in animals and humans, high concentrations of ammonia (NH3) in breeding farms can produce effects such as irritation of lung and eye membranes (eyes and the respiratory tract) and inhibition of the gut microbiota.

Kopros® C products range is a group of microorganisms naturally occurring in soils and specific to poultry and rabbit farming. Kopros® C triggers and accelerates the transformation processes of poultry and coney manure.

Better poultry/coney health

Better hygiene

Better quality of slurry

Better working conditions

Reduction of odour nuisance

Increased productivity


Once applied on litters or dunghills, the microorganisms stimulate the activity of autochthonous microflora, and thus accelerate humification and nitrification processes (composting processes). Emissions of ammonia and other harmful gases result therefore drastically reduced.

Kopros® is a natural soil improver with a specific formulation for the different kinds of animal farming. We operate in cowsheds, pigsties, chicken coops, stables, horse boxes, riding centres, studs, manure compost, slurry or dung pits, slurry treatment plants…
Kopros® F = fish farming, Kopros® S = caprinae, Kopros® B = bovines/ovines, Kopros® H = equines, Kopros® P = swine, Kopros® C = poultries/coneys

Kopros® affirms the respect for animal and human well-being, that same respect that your farm has always shown. Through its action, Kopros® drastically reduces emissions of NH3 and other harmful gases; this allows a significant improvement of the environment in which both animals and humans live. Furthermore, using it means respecting your neighbours, as Kopros® reduces odour nuisance from your farm even when spreading manure.

Results are immediate! Ammonia levels decrease since the first application of the product. Don’t wait any longer, test it on your farm.