Fylo® : Foliar treatment for all crops

Fylo® is a selection of amino acids from algae that foster the production of biostimulating substances and radical exudates synthesized by plants during the phases of greatest energy demand: growth, fruit setting and bulking, wound healing, metabolic stress, damages.

The synergy between Fylo® and microbial activity near the roots strengthens the plants, makes them more resistant to fungal attacks and harmonizes the production of vegetation when overexuberant due to nutritional imbalances.

Better growth

improves and regulates the growth of vegetation

Better fixation

fosters the fruit fixation


promotes tissue elasticity and regulates stomatal opening

Rapid cicatrisation

promotes a rapid healing of wounds caused both by mechanical or atmospheric phenomena

Fungicide treatments

in synergy with fungicide treatments, it improves their effectiveness to the point of halving their dosage

Stress tolerance

helps plants overcome water and climate stress conditions

Better regularity

promotes regularity in fruit and berry caliber

Reduction of diseases

helps reduce incidence of viroses and trunk diseases


stimulates photosynthetic activites


Fylo® can be applied whenever needed, and can be used in organic farming programs. It does not generate any residual effect on fruits, and can be mixed with fungicides.

Demineralized water, brown algae and cyanobacteria: Ascophyllum nodosum, Arthrospira maxima, Arthrospira platensis.

Fylo® is approved by Ecocert for organic agriculture.

Product registrations are subject to the specific legislation of each country.