For the well-being of your horses, a natural solution for a good litter
Complex biological catalyst for the activation
of the composting process of horse manure.
Kopros H®

Kopros H®

For the well-being of your horses, a natural solution for a good litter management.

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Better bedding hygiene


Better agronomic quality of manure


Reduction of manure volume


Significant reduction of odors


Improvement of the animal/work environment


Drastic reduction of ammonia


  • Removal of bad odors
  • The animals live in a healthier environment: increased productivity/sports performance, better psycho-physical balance, veterinary costs reduction, etc.

  • Improvement of the living environment of the animals and the working environment of the people.

  • Improvement of the organic matter contained in the manure, reducing the time of mineralization and complete humification, thus limiting the use of chemical and organic fertilizers in the soils.

  • Contributes to facilitate the cohabitation with the municipalities/residents by considerably reducing the ammonia gas emissions.


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Classification and labelling

The Kopros® range can be used in organic farming according to FiBL Switzerland, Ecocert and the American NOP (National Organic Programme).

  • Kopros® H: FOAG 5509


Product registrations are subject to the country-specific legislation.

Processing and conservation

Closed packaging, can be stored for 2 years in a dry environment between 10° C and 43° C, protected from sunlight. Opened packaging, can be stored for 3 months at room temperature and protected from sunlight (if properly closed and protected from humidity).


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